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Wedding Photography in Kent, in the UK from Wedding Photographer UK

Wedding Photography in Kent, in the UK from Wedding Photographer UKWedding Photography can be cheaper just to grab the wedding pictures off of your family and friend's Kodak cameras and mobile phones but when it comes to Wedding Photography of your big day in Kent, in the UK you only get one chance to make the best of it and you will want the Wedding Photography to be of as best quality as possible.

Quality Wedding Photography is not necessarily sharp and expensive equipment, but it is capturing the best moments at the right angle at the right time. Wedding Photographer UK knows what you want to remember through Wedding Photography in Kent, in the UK and we strive to perform at our best.

Weddings are highlighted with sweet moments, romantic moments and funny moments and Wedding Photographer UK intends to capture every one of these moments through Wedding Photography in Kent, in the UK.

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If you are looking for Wedding Photography for your wedding in Kent, in the UK then please contact Wedding Photographer UK on 01634 260 700 or fill in the enquiry form.

Top 10 Photography Tips to Catch Rare Moments

1) If you want to catch a rare moment, then always have your camera near you
2) Leave your camera set default to F22 at 125th sec with a high ISO to be able to 'just take the shot' and in most cases you will get a good result.
3) Leave auto-focus on as default, save time focusing when the moment happens
4) Ideally have two cameras, one with a good zoom from 24 to 100 mm; the other with a long lens, so you just grab the appropriate camera to take the shot
5) Always have a mini tripod to hand, in case the lighting is so bad you need to use a slow shutter speed
6) If you are using a digital camera, just keep taking lots of shots and delete the unwanted ones later
7) Get the subject used to you taking pictures, so they relax and ignore you.  Then when that moment occurs, you can catch them more naturally.
8) Try to get an adapter for your camera, so that you can view straight down (instead having the camera at eye level) then people don't realise you are taking pictures and they act more natural.
9) Try to develop a habit of quickly taking multiple shots at two other aperture settings, you can delete the bad ones when the moment has passed.
10) Remember that nobody likes their photo taken, but they always want a copy when you catch 'the rare moments' so ignore the short-term criticism and enjoy the recorded moments for a life-time.

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