Wedding Photographer UK

Wedding Photographer UK offers professional wedding photography in the UK. In addition we offer professional printing services from wedding stationery through to large canvas or photo panels.

We are based in Rainham in Kent, but can travel to your wedding location, where appropriate. Please call 01634 260700 for availability, prices, or please use our contact form.

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Many clients choose a balance of ‘Reportage’ i.e. documentary style (which is more contemporary) however this can be gently balanced with the ‘Traditional’ style of group photography, to accommodate all preferences.
The portrait reportage approach is more natural, photographing moments as they happen and group photos sessions with a fun element. By keeping your traditional group shots to a modest amount, you can benefit from the additional time available; to capture some great shots of your family and friends as they interact with your other guests at the wedding proceedings.


We know from experience that people need encouraging to have their photo taken and they quickly get impatient if the wedding photos ‘drag on and on’, to avoid long waits, we work closely with you to draw up a list of names of the people you want to be in which group photo (well before the day). This works particularly well, if the weather is cold or if people need to go to another room for the photos, as they can ‘stay seated in the warm’ and wait to be invited into the next photo session. To avoid people wandering off, we photograph all the group shots first; straight after the service, then friends can choose to stay for the photos or retire to the bar!


  • The price we quote is the price you pay, even if your wedding is in a year’s time
  • We always keep our commitments; we will not cancel a booking that has paid a deposit, whatever the weather – we will be there to capture your special moments
  • We can work up to 8 hours, to be there throughout the day (not making a quick escape after staging cutting the cake)
  • Although we are based in Kent we can cover most UK locations (you may need to cover extra fuel, as appropriate)
  • We are available for Pre Wedding photo sessions if required (ideal if you are investing in an picturesque location, that might have bad weather on the wedding day and miss out on the nice location shots)



  • Our Professional quality prints on professional photo paper
  • Photo Albums by leading wedding suppliers like GraphiStudio of Italy
  • Professional Editing Software from Adobe Photoshop for editing or re-touching photos
  • Canon EOS 5D Professional Full Format 24Mb Digital Cameras x 2 with additional lens’s and TTL digital flash (we use two Canon cameras to guard against any accidents, plus we have an addition Digital Nikon for further back-up)
  • Please call us on 01634 260700 for availability and to book early to secure your special wedding date ‘whatever the weather – we will be there to capture your special moments

Top 10 Tips when choosing your Wedding Photographer

  • Your Wedding is one of the most expensive investments you will make, so make sure you choose each element wisely.
  • Be realistic about your budget. You do ‘get what you pay for’ so try not to decide on price alone.
  • Decide how many locations you might want photos taken e.g. brides home, grooms home, church, reception additional locations
  • Ask about the different photography styles e.g. Traditional versus Reportage/Documentary style or request both
  • Meet the photographer that will actually take the photos, so that you can get a feel for who they are and whether you feel they would ‘get the best from you, your partner, your family and friends’ on your big day.
  • Look through a complete wedding presentation so you can see if the quality of work is consistent.
  • Ask about what techniques are used to process the images. All digital images require re-touching to make the most of their contrast, sharpness, colour etc. and so it is important that your wedding pictures go through an editing process using professional software like Adobe Photoshop to edit/touch-up any anomalies in the photos.
  • Is the camera equipment professional i.e. FULL Format e.g. Canon 5D with genuine Canon lens’s (use portable lighting if raining)
  • Does the photographer carry two cameras and multiple memory cards to cover any potential failures, you only get one go at this!
  • Ask about the various printing options that are available, album versus USB/DVD. Albums with LCD screens are now available.